What You Need to Know

What you need to know about our services, click here for an overall summary



Residential 15

Residential Saver

Business SME

Business CAPBIZ



Basic 14.95

Standard 24.95

Max 39.95

Complete 49.95

Capped SIP


NBN unlimited

ADSL unlimited

ADSL 50-500Gb


Telstra 4G SIM only

Telstra 4G Data Bolt On

Telstra 4G Data SIM


Inbound 1300/1800


A PDF version of the customer’s bill is emailed on the issue date. It is also available to view online on the View My Bill section of the Vonex website.

With the online billing you can

    • Download a detailed pdf of your bill
    • View your details on line
    • View a list of your services
    • Access your itemised services
    • Throughout the month see your current usage
    • Access your complete history of all accounts
    • Make payment via bpay or credit card

Paper Billing is provided as an option for business customers who require a paper bill to be sent. This may incur a $1.95 paper bill fee.

Billing Cycles

Vonex has four billing cycles each month dedicated to our IP Voice customers. These accounts are set up on electronic billing and direct debit (either credit card or bank account), with the payment being transacted four days after the issue date.

An IP Voice customer’s bill cycle is determined by the time of month they were connected to our service. An initial bill is generally emailed within a week of connection.

A fifth bill cycle is dedicated to our standard PSTN customers, which is issued at the beginning of each month. This provides 14 days payment option. Business customers who require a posted bill are included in this bill cycle. Payment options include, Cheque (post to PO Box 1448 Milton 4064), Direct Deposit, BPay, Credit Card over the phone by calling 1800 828 668.

Surcharges: There is no surcharge for any credit cards, Vonex Accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Coverage Map for new Vonex mobile plans that uses part of the Telstra 4G Mobile Network·      



IP Voice and Data Pty Ltd, trading as Vonex Telecom acts as a reseller of Principal Carriers when providing the Telecommunications Services listed below.Vonex is responsible to the end user for the Service whilst acting as a reseller.

Vonex Service

Principal Carrier

IP Telephony

Symbio Networks, Vocus

Rebill PSTN



Optus (via Vocus)

Telstra (via Inabox using part of Telstra's 4G mobile network


Vocus/Inabox for NBN

Vocus for ADSL


Vonex is not affiliated with or related to any of the principal carriers listed.


Vonex is currently unable to offer specific services for people with disabilities.


Nominating a person as an Authorised Representative means you authorise them to inquire about, accept and create charges on your account, as well as providing them with access to your personal information.
Please remember that The original legal lessee will still remain legally responsible for all charges on the account.

Authorised Representative holders can make a variety of account request types, with the exception of the following:

    • Connect a new stand-alone service / product in the account holder's name
    • Request access to 1900 numbers
    • Add / remove additional Third Party Authorities
    • Agree to re-contract/agree to a new contract
    • Restart/reopen an account holder's service after a full disconnect or after the account is disconnected due to financial reasons
    • Change the account holder's security details such as date of birth, internet username, PIN, address, password or driver's licence number
    • Process a Change of Account Holder/Change of Ownership
    • Arrange service relocation (unless the account holder specifically advises Vonex in advance of a relocation that an Authroised Representative will be calling to organise)
    • Change a phone number
    • Complete a long distance transfer (churn) form (unless authorised by account holder).
    • Convert a service from residential to business or vice versa
    • Update the billing address
    • Request a copy of the customer care notes

To add a person as an authorised representative on your account please contact us on 1800 828 668 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vonex offers an online customer portal that provides up to date billing information.  This is available for all customers at not cost and is accessed by clicking on the View My Bill link at the top of our website. By entering your account number and password you can access the following information that can assist in your current spend.

    • View Your Statements- this provides the complete billing history from the very first account, either as downloadable PDFs, or summary information
    • Unbilled Usage Summary- this shows any call  information that has been received since the last bill was issued, this can be downloaded as a PDF or excel spreadsheet. The typical delay in call information is 24-48 hours, however for some calls to mobile and any roaming charges this could be up to three months due to delays in overseas supplier information.

Customers can contact Vonex on 1800 828 668 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to request details on current spend.

How to estimate your internet usage- this helpful guide will assist in determining what size plan you should choose click here

Vonex now offers a number of plans for mobile, PSTN, IPVoice and ADSL that provide all inclusive pricing to help limit total telecommunications expenditure. 


Vonex offers call control facilities to limit access to calls being made from PSTN and IP Services services. 

PSTN (Standard Landline Telephone)

 Call Control is a feature that gives you security and lets you bar certain types of outgoing calls (e.g. STD, international etc ) so that you can control your call costs. There are a number of different barring levels for you to choose from.

Adds security to your service by restricting calls..
Control the numbers that are dialled.
Resticts the unauthorised use of the phone.
Allows you to take control of your telephone bill
Call Control Setup Costs - $7 per month
This feature is available to all PSTN(Landline) services.
Activating the Service
Please call Vonex on 1300487464. Call Control Activation can take up to 48 hours.

Call Control User Guide

To turn Call Control on

    • Wait for dial tone.
    • Press * 33 PIN #.
    • Hang up.

To turn Call Control off

    • Wait for dial tone.
    • Press # 33 PIN #.
    • Hang up.

To check if Call Control is on or off

    • Wait for dial tone.
    • Press * # 33 #.
    • Listen to the announcement confirming status.
    • Hang up.

Changing your PIN

    • Wait for dial tone.
    • Press * 30.
    • Enter the default PIN.
    • Press *, enter new PIN.
    • Press *, re enter new PIN, #.
    • Listen to the announcement confirming PIN has successfully changed.
    • Hang up.
IP Voice

PABX HACKING Click here for brochure detailing how to protect your business PABX from being hacked

In the Hosted PBX enviroment it is possible to control/restrict the outgoing capabilities of an IP Handset by simply defining the Dial Plans that are used for the IP customer. Dialling rules can be setup by  Vonex in the following classes:
1) Unrestricted
2) Restrict all International Calls/ 1900 numbers
3) Restrict all International/National/ 1900 numbers
4) Restrict all International/National/1900/Local Calls - Emergency Only
The advantage of using a specific dial plan on the PBX allows the customer to define what numbers any of the IP handsets dial.
To activate one of these features please contact Vonex on 1800 828 668 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Call Control Activation can take up to 24 hours.
There are no costs for setting up Dial Plans in the PBX for specific Call Control.