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Get the most out of the NBN with the cloud

The NBN is only the start and will be a key enabler for cloud based services, opening up a range of opportunities Australian businesses previously didn't have access to.

For a scalable,flexible and economic solution for your Telco needs switch to our cloud based phone system.

How the cloud works

A "cloud based phone system" is a phone service delivered through the internet. The NBN is important because it provides the connection needed to support cloud based technology, which is why it's crucial to talk to the right service provider.

Remember your NBN speed and capacity is affected not only by the infrastructure, but by how the service provider manages their connections. Often a very cheap price indicates that many users in your area are sharing your bandwidth, reducing speed and reliability.

Reasons to move your business to the cloud

  • Accessible anywhere anytime
  • Feature rich call management system
  • Secure
  • Cost effective
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Scalable
  • Plug and call installation

By using our cloud-based technology we can offer 99.999% uptime when you switch to our system, which means; greater reliability at a fraction of the cost with days of unplanned outages a thing of the past.

Our game changing technology is unique so whether you're a sole operator or Multi-national Corporation we're all about connecting you, wherever you are in the world. Join the growing number of well known brands already taking advantage of our unique technology, names include: Groupon, Auto Masters, Red Balloon, Menulog, Stockdale and Lego.

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Vonex solutions for every business

As a technology company, we create custom built solutions designed around the needs of the customer, not the Telco. By unlocking the potential of the cloud we can offer 99.999% uptime when you switch to our cloud-based system. This means greater reliability for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Vonex is an award winning Australian telecommunications company providing innovative VoIP solutions that change the way businesses connect, and because we develop the software to make this happen, we offer a faster service with unmatched reliability guaranteed to save you money.

Unlock the cloud

Unlock the potential of the cloud to access the latest technology and find out about the cost cutting benefits of hosted PBX solutions.

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VoIP solutions

VoIP offers unmatched reliability and convenience. For a service that's portable, scalable, flexible and cost effective. VoIP is the perfect solution for the growing business.

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High speed fibre

High speed fibre is the Rolls Royce of internet connections. With speeds of up to 1000Mbps both ways and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, these are the most reliable connections on the market.

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