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Business phone plans available

Make the most of your dollar with great Landline rates

Vonex Telecom offers a range of plans from 'inclusive plans' that will cover most of your calls, to Pay As You Go plans with low rates. Giving your business the opportunity to create the best outcome for your business phone costs

Land lines
Mobile SIM only
Hosted PBX

Business SME $33/$35

Local Calls$0.11 per call
National Calls$0.08 per min
Fixed to Mobile$0.19 per min
International Calls$0.10 per min (Top International Destinations $0.02 connection fee)
Calls to 13/1300 numbers$0.44 per call
Business Telephone LineMonthly Access $33 (24 Mths) $35 (12 Months)
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You can also bring your ISDN service over to this plan

Business ISDN (non capped) 12/24 months

Direct In Dial (per 100)$64.83 per 100 numbers
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1300/1800 services to help your customers keep in touch

Vonex inbound solutions provide either 1300 or freecall 1800 numbers for your customers to call you from anywhere in Australia. With no set up fees and the ability to create area based routing to multiple answering points, this is a perfect solution for anyone in business, from a single operator working answering on mobile to the Corporate customer with offices across the country.

13/1300 Call Charges

Call TypeCharge TypeNo Contract24 Month Contract
Local (1300)
Free for the first 15 minutes then
per min$0.08$0.06
Nationalper min$0.12$0.08
Mobile to Fixedper min$0.16$0.12
Fixed to Mobileper min$0.34$0.29
Mobile to Mobileper min$0.34$0.32
Monthly inbound service feeper month$16.00$13.00
Minimum charge over contractN/A$312.00
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1800 Call Charges

Call TypeCharge TypeNo Contract24 Month Contract
Localper min$0.08$0.07
Nationalper min$0.12$0.10
Mobile to Fixedper min$0.18$0.16
Fixed to Mobileper min$0.40$0.38
Mobile to Mobileper min$0.40$0.38
Monthly inbound servicefee per month$16.00$13.00
Min. Charge over ContractN/A$312.00
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Other Charges

Connection of new 1300/1800 service$0.00 per Service
Porting of existing 1800/13/1300 Service to Vonex$0.00 per Service
Government Levy - 13 services only$981.03 per Month
Number Reservation Charge$16.50 for 30 days
Simple Moves and Changes$22.00 per change
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Vonex solutions for every business

As a technology company, we create custom built solutions designed around the needs of the customer, not the Telco. By unlocking the potential of the cloud we can offer 99.999% uptime when you switch to our cloud-based system. This means greater reliability for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Vonex is an award winning Australian telecommunications company providing innovative VoIP solutions that change the way businesses connect, and because we develop the software to make this happen, we offer a faster service with unmatched reliability guaranteed to save you money.

Unlock the cloud

Unlock the potential of the cloud to access the latest technology and find out about the cost cutting benefits of hosted PBX solutions.

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VoIP solutions

VoIP offers unmatched reliability and convenience. For a service that's portable, scalable, flexible and cost effective. VoIP is the perfect solution for the growing business.

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High speed fibre

High speed fibre is the Rolls Royce of internet connections. With speeds of up to 1000Mbps both ways and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, these are the most reliable connections on the market.

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